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Post by matthew11 on Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:35 pm

The Author's Profile

Welcome to the Author's Profiles.

Here, authors can post their profile about writing, favorite Genres, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

You can also link your profile into your signature, if you wish.

1. All general rules apply.
2. If you plan to update your profile, simply edit your post. Don't create a new one.
3. Follow the format provided below to post your profile


Name: Self explanatory
Age (Optional): Self explanatory
Types of Writing (Optional):
Strengths: What are your strong points in your writing?
Weakness: What are your weaknesses in your writing?
Types of Characters: What are your favorite character types to write about?
Completed Stories: Do you have any stories that are currently finished?
Current Stories: Do you have any stories you are in the progress of writing?
Future Stories: Do you have any stories planned for the future?
Writing Tips: Can you offer any tips to other authors?

The List

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Post by RobSp1derp1g on Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:08 pm

Name: Roberto
Age[b] (Optional): 25
[b]Types of Writing
(Optional): Romance/ Comedy
Strengths: Dialogues and emotional scenes
Weakness: Description
Types of Characters: Not sure what you mean by this...
Completed Stories: Quite a few. 4 or 5 iCarly stories, the rest Pokémon ones.
Current Stories: "What Happens". Its last published chapter is the second, but I'm writing the epilogue now. I should write chapter 3 soon...
Future Stories: On fanfiction, possibly, but not in the foreseeable future. I'm writing a story for a book, tentatively titled "Ben's Problem"
Writing Tips: Keep a notepad with you at all times, and don't rush inspiration.

My fics:

What Happens...
(Amour) UPDATED | The Laws of Science and Rollerskating (LaserBlade) | The Book (Amour)
If you like the stuff I write, comment, but please do so truthfully.

Other stuff:
A drabble about AmourShipping.

For something more difficult, a writing challenge that'll last a whole year.

"An inspiring book on overcoming life's obstacles."
New York Times 4-8-2016 Wink
Write it down on your calendars.

I make t-shirts sometimes. Here's what I did so far.

If you like the stuff I create, comment, but please do so truthfully. It inspires me to make more.

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Post by AmourMustDie2000 on Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:44 am

Name: AMD2000
Age (Optional):
Types of Writing (Optional): Anything except western or crime
Weakness/Strengths: Remains to be seen.
Types of Characters: Nicey-nice.
Completed Stories: N/A
Current Stories: A Love of Shopping And Serena
Future Stories: Pokemon YX
Writing Tips: N/A

Would like my user title changed to: ONE PERSON CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE

Let me know when this is done and thanks again!
I got a haircut!
I got a haircut!

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Post by Serena on Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:26 pm

Name: Serena, (Mega Charizard X on ff.net)
Age (Optional): 24
Types of Writing (Optional): generic/action/slight comedy (I try to keep stories close to canon as possible)
Strengths: I'm good at keeping characters in character
Weakness: I sometimes don't go into much detail and I don't write much content and I always stop writing all my stories without finishing them, especially if I get a harsh review
Types of Characters: anime characters, particularly a main character, though not the main character. I also like using Dawn and now possibly Serena in my fics.
Completed Stories: No, like I said I always stop before I complete them for some reason :/
Current Stories: I'm currently writing 2 stories where Dawn meets N and then a Paul vs N fic that will be a 2 shot and will probably be my 1st completed fic once I get the chance to fix the 1st chapter.
Future Stories: I'd love to make something with Serena, and possibly Dawn, meeting each other or something.
Writing Tips: Try to finish your fics.

The Author's Profile XmTRpGT_zps2a0a1a02

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Post by CanadianInfernape on Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:07 am

Name: CanadianInfernape
Age (Optional): 16
Types of Writing (Optional): All Different Varieties of Genres
Strengths: Grammar; Descriptive Writing
Weakness: Dialogue; Stories become either too dark or violent
Types of Characters: Usually OCs with own defining characteristics; Pokemon's canon characters' dialogue are full of exposition that they don't usually explain their emotions all that well.
Completed Stories: Most are in process; none completed excluding cancellation of Dream Mist.
Current Stories: Stand/Off in Lumiose
Future Stories: Working on the Black Melody Collection, a series of fanfics focusing on mental disabilities and teenage issues in the Arthur fandom
Writing Tips: DON'T rush your shipping stories. DON'T rush the relationship. Focus on the story. Use description and build up from there. The couple shouldn't be confessing their feelings or making out until at least 2/3rds into the fanfic, or if it's just implied hints along the way with no eventual 'get together', that's fine too!

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Post by pokesrini on Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:57 am

Name: Srinivasan
Age (Optional): 19
Types of Writing (Optional): Romance, Legends
Strengths: Writing emotional scenes; mostly romantic.
Weakness: Giving details. I sometimes tend to omit valuable details. Arrogance. I hate it when I get criticism from those who's stories are inferior to mine; unless I ask their advice.
Types of Characters: ???
Completed Stories: NA
Current Stories: One in process- Time Only Knows. Currently writing the Kalos saga. There will be two more parts to this story.
Future Stories: NA
Writing Tips: Write the stories to show a comfortable pace. It should flow neatly- even if it means your story is long

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Post by matthew11 on Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:19 am

I guess t'is my turn Lol

Name: matthew11
Age (Optional): 17
Types of Writing (Optional): Comedy/Romance/Horror
Strengths: Dialogues, descriptive battle sequences
Weakness: Setting and character description. Because of this, my chapters tend to be too short than expected. Sometimes, my characters tend to go too 'cool' or too exaggerated towards a subject matter.
Types of Characters: Main characters of a series. Sometimes characters who have backgrounds that are very interesting to write about its future events in a fic.

Completed Stories: Feelings, Confessions, and Eureka

First Fanfic! Read as Satoshi and co. take a break in Lumiose City from traveling, and a confession will happen later on, but who? An Amourshipping (Satoshi x Serena), implied Pearlshipping (Satoshi x Hikari) and one-sided Lasersbladehipping (Citron x Corni) fanfic. Going to use Japanese names. Review pls? Smile I suck at summaries. I don't own Pokemon.

Current Stories: Climbing Down The Mountain

Did you ever wonder how some goals you have achieved don't satisfy you, but those moments that helped you achieve your goals, and so you climb down the mountain to relive those times? Ash has now become Pokemon Master, but he feels that there's more to life than becoming one, and so he looks for answers. Amourshipping/Contestshipping/one-sided Advanceshipping fanfic.

Future Stories: I still owe ADV shippers a one-shot. So yeah, an advance shipping one-shot is what I plan to write next once I get my current fic done.

Writing Tips: Imagination is the key to writing great descriptive detail. Be the character, see the surrounding area, feel the atmosphere, and taste the action.

The Author's Profile DekX1gK

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