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Ash and Serena's First Date


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Ash and Serena's First Date Empty Ash and Serena's First Date

Post by Pokévision on Sun Jan 04, 2015 3:19 pm

Ash and Serena’s First Date - Part I

Ash: Awesome! I got my fourth gym badge! Just think of it Clemont, soon we will have our gym battle!
Clemont: Oh yea!

Serena: Hey Ash?
Ash: Huh?
Serena: You really gave that battle your all back there. And your Pokemon too. Congratulations again! I was just thinking maybe you should celebrate this achievement with your Pokemon by getting them gifts! After all, you are halfway to collecting all the Kalos badges!

Ash: That’s an awesome idea!
Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!
Ash: You should get some for your Pokemon too Serena!

Bonnie: Ash buying presents! Serena too! Together…it all makes sense now!

Bonnie: I’ve got a great idea! Yes!

Bonnie: You’re a keeper Serena! Keep Ash, s'il-vous-plaît! Go on a date!

Serena: HUH?
Ash: Whaa?
Pikachu: PI?!

Ash: Date?!
Pikachu: PIKA PIKA!!


Bonnie: Sure I do! Hey Ash, you can go shopping with Serena! We’ll look after the Pokemon. I know! I can also help big brother fix his inventions!

Clemont: What do you mean Bonnie?
Bonnie: Big brother, your inventions always go boom.

Ash: You can say THAT again.
Serena: We’ve experienced it first hand, haha!

Bonnie: I know right? He may not look like it, but he really is a great inventor! Trust me!
Clemont: Gee, thanks Bonnie!

Bonnie: Big brother just needs some time off to come up with better names for his inventions. Maybe then they won’t be failures.
Clemont: Oh…this is so embarrassing…

Bonnie: The gifts should be surprises for everyone, so Pikachu should stay with us too! You can come up with gift ideas by yourselves. After all, you two have each other! What do you say Ash?

Ash: Uh…

Ash: Sure, I’m all for it!

Serena: Ah! This day is going to be so great!

Ash: Hey Serena, isn’t your TriPokalon coming up?

Serena: Oh?
Ash: Since we’re shopping, what do you say we also check if there’s anything you need for your performance?

Serena: Actually, yes! I was thinking there might be a few things I wanted.

Serena: But we don’t have to get them now… I don’t want to trouble you.

Ash: Don’t worry, it’s no trouble at all! We can get those too while we’re buying the presents.  Serena, you’ve been so supportive of me throughout all of my gym battles…I thought I should repay the favour by helping you as much as I can for your upcoming performance.

Serena: Awwww…thanks Ash! That's so sweet of you!

Ash: I know I don’t know much about Pokemon Showcases…heh, but surely there’s something I can help you with. Please will you let me?

Serena: Yes! I will, why not?

Ash: Awesome!

Clemont: I can’t help but notice how close you two have become!
Serena: Eh?!
Clemont: And I’m guessing you’ll both need a way to find the items you’re looking for.

Clemont: THE FUTURE IS NOW THANKS TO SCIENCE! Clemontic gear on! I thought we’d encounter a situation exactly like this. I call this the Shop-Locatortron!
Ash: Uh Clemont-
Clemont: Just one turn of this-
Bonnie: No Clemont!
Clemont: -and -  

Clemont: Oh no, not another disaster…

Bonnie: Big brother, you blew it again! As usual!

Clemont: I guess Bonnie was right all along…I got a lot of work to do…
Bonnie: Hmph, you never listen to me big brother! Let’s go.

Clemont: Oh...I feel miserable.
Ash: Hey Clemont, cheer up... it’ll be alright.

Serena: Ash! I found a great place we can go to! Haha, come on, we got a busy day ahead of us!

Ash: Coming Serena! We best be on our way. See you guys later!
Clemont: Have fun you two!

Bonnie: Look at Ash and Serena together. So cute!!
Pikachu: Pika!

Ash and Serena’s First Date - Part II

Serena: Haha! Come on Ash!

Ash: Where are we going Serena?!
Serena: You’ll see!

Serena: This way!


Serena: Ta-da! Here we are! A clothing shop specialized for TriPokalon outfits!

Serena: Wow! So much selection!

Serena: Oh!

Serena: Look at this dress…so cute!
Ash: Is it what you’re looking for?
Serena: Hmm…it’s a little out of theme for what I have planned. Guess not.

Serena: Oh my! This one could be the one I’m looking for!
Ash: Wow! It sure does look nice!

Serena: So beautiful! It will be perfect for my performance!
Ash: Go on Serena, try it on!

Serena: Excuse me, I was wondering if I could try on this dress. You see, I have a TriPokalon performance coming up and I thought this outfit would fit in with the theme of my performance.

Designer: Of course you can! Go right ahead.

Serena:  Wow, thanks so much! Well, here it goes…

Serena: And…

Serena: Ta-da! Well, what do you think Ash?

Ash: Gosh, so pretty! It looks even better on you!

Serena: Thanks Ash! With that outfit, I can really bring out the best of my performance.

Serena: I wonder what Fennekin and Panchem will think of the dress! I’ll surprise them!

Serena: Of course, I’ll need to practice my twirls so I’m as graceful and elegant as my Pokemon!

Ash: Haha, don’t worry about that Serena! You’re already graceful!

Serena: Awww, Ash! You’re embarrassing me! So what are your thoughts on the dress?

Ash: I love it!!

Serena: Ah! I’m glad you like it that much!

Serena: That’s it then, I’ve decided. I want to buy this dress!

Designer: I’m sorry, but at the moment I’m unable to arrange such a purchase…you see, we’re out of stock at the moment so you’ll have to wait for our next shipment to arrive.

Serena: Huh? No way!!
Ash: You’re kidding!
Serena: What about this dress? Can’t I just buy this one? Surely there must be another way!

Designer: I’m afraid this dress is the last one we have here as of now. Another customer reserved it earlier today and said that she was going to take care of some matters first. I expect she’ll return soon to make the purchase. Have a look at this reservation document.
Ash: Reservation for Jessilina…
Serena: Hmph!

Ash: That’s a real bummer…
Serena: Oh no…what do we do…
Ash: I guess we could look for the dress elsewhere…


Serena: I’ll call some places later to check if they still have the dress in store.
Ash: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Serena: Say Ash, it’s past noon already. Did you want to get something to eat?
Ash:  You know, I am kind of hungry! I haven’t had anything to eat since we left the Poke Center this morning.
Serena: Haha! Let’s find a place to eat then!
Ash: Yeah!


Waiter: Sorry, we’re full…you see, at hours like these we are often busy. You should make a reservation next time. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Ash: Aw…full already…
Serena: Oh…that’s unfortunate. Thanks anyways!

Serena: Let’s try the Fish and Chips restaurant at the end of Coumarine Road beside the parking lot!


Ash: Hey, have you got a table for two? We’d like to get some lunch.
Serena: Mhm!

Receptionist: Why yes, we do! Please, get settled in.

Ash: Alright!!
Serena: Yippee!!

Serena: So Ash, what did you order?
Ash: I got some fries and beef strips. Man, I can’t wait to eat!

Waiter: Here you are sir. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Ash: Well, time to dig in! Mmf! Mmm!
Serena: Haha, slow down Ash!

Ash: Mmm-mm!

Ash: Whoah…I’m so full…

Serena: Ash! We’re in a public restaurant!

Ash: Hehe…my bad. Guess my appetite got the better of me.


Serena: I called other stores and it appears the closest one that has the dress in stock isn’t in this area.
Ash: How far is it?
Serena: It’s on the other side of town. We’ll have to go through the Coumarine Trail to get there.

Serena: I guess we can worry about the dress later…I think we should buy the Pokemon presents now.
Ash: You think? I don’t know…

Serena: Huh? What do you mean Ash?
Ash: Well Serena, your TriPokalon dress is very important. If we wait till later, then the other store might run out of stock too…
Serena: Is it worth the trouble?

Ash: It’s no trouble at all Serena. Come on, we can buy the presents later. Plus, we’re not even sure what we want to buy the Pokemon yet, so we can figure that out on the road!
Serena: Alright, let’s go!


Ash: I thweenk thwats Gomahrine Thrail oher thwear Sehrehna! Man, thwis sanwitch is guud!

Serena: Ash, you’re eating again?!?! Weren’t you just full back at that restaurant?!?!

Serena: Please be careful! Don’t talk with your mouth full – you could choke if you do that. Remember that time you ate those cookies too quickly?

Ash: Haha, sorry! Sometimes I can’t control my appetite. And yeah, how could I forget those cookies you baked me! Man, they were delicious! In any case, I’ll be more mindful of myself Serena. If I’m doing anything else wrong, please tell me.

Serena: Haha, I just didn’t want you to choke again.

Serena: Here you go Ash.
Ash: Uh?
Serena: Use this napkin to clean up!

Ash: Oh! Thanks a bunch Serena. You know, you’re always looking out for me. You’re so great to be around!
Serena: Just looking out for you! Heehee!

Serena: Alright Ash, Coumarine Trail is just ahead! Are you ready to go?
Ash: You bet!

Ash: This trail will take us all the way there?
Serena: Yep!

Ash: So Serena, how are you feeling about your upcoming TriPokalon?
Serena: I’m excited and nervous at the same time. It is the first time I’ll be doing a Pokemon performance!
Ash: Well, like an old friend of mine would always say - no need to worry! The crowd is sure going to love you!
Serena: You really think so?

Ash: Oh yeah! I’ll be rooting extra hard for you.
Serena: Heehee - huh? Ash, look ahead! Who are they?

Jesse: We don’t have enough to buy that dress! Meowth, look under the Team Rocket expenses page!
Meowth: There’s nothing about expenses or the Team Rocket chequing account here!
Jesse: It has to be covered under the Team Rocket insurance policy!
Wobbuffet: WAAH-BUFFET!

James: I don’t know Jesse. If there is a Team Rocket insurance policy I don’t think we would be included in it. We fell out of the boss’s favour recently, remember? We haven’t exactly pleased him with our lack of new Pokemon catches.
Jesse: GAH!

Meowth: Let’s see. Team Rocket insurance on page 221…eh?!  Get a load of this - the page is missing! It looks like it’s been chewed clean off! Some Pokemon must have been really hungry and decided to eat the page as a snack!
Wobbuffet: !! Waahba…

Wobbuffet: WAAH!!

Ash: Oh no, not Team Rocket!
Serena: I wonder what they’re up to this time.
Ash: Probably up to no good as usual…

Jesse: Twerps! Or just the twerp and the twerpette?!
James: Say, why isn’t that brat Pikachu with you? Or that science twerp and the little twerpette?

Ash: Why does it matter to you? What are you guys up to this time?!
Serena: Yeah, what do you want?!

Jesse: Well, you know what we always want – your Pokemon of course!
James: But it appears you don’t have any with you. Not even Pikachu!
Jesse: What sort of special occasion is this? Why would you be strolling out on this path all by yourselves? Ooooooh...

Jesse: Are you seeing what I’m seeing James?
James: Oh yes, how could I not?

Jesse: Prepare for twerpish love! Romance ignite!
James: And make it double! What a lovely sight!
Meowth: Meowth, that’s right!
Jesse: Such innocent young love! The twerpette must have gotten into that twerp’s mind after all!
James: Captured his heart like it was a Pokemon!

Serena: M-Me?!

Ash: Hey, leave her alone!

Jesse: Oh James, aren’t they just adorable standing there together?
James: Like two lovebirds on their first date!

Serena: WHAA-?!

Jesse: Oh…young love. The ambience is full of the fresh smell of roses in the wind and the warmth of a romantic sunset….why, the purity of this love brings out blissful memories of my own...

Serena: EH?!

Jesse: And the flower of romance will keep blooming. Soon you two will be even more inseparable! Ooooooh, so romantic!

Jesse:  You should forget about that little TriPokalon dream of yours and instead pursue something that’s in reach...right beside you in fact! Such chemistry - a twerpette with a twerp! I see a perfect couple in the making! Tell me dear, do I speak the truth?


James: Look Jessie! She won’t deny it!

James: I say we wait and see how this unfolds.
Jesse: Good call! A break from work to watch this romance!

Ash: Oh?
Serena: I-Is that n-necessary?!

Meowth: Okay, time out! Romance time is over!
Jesse: Eiiiah!
James: Unngh!

Meowth: You lugs forgot that we mean business. We got money to make, remember?

Jesse: You’re right, we need money and we need it now!
James: This would have been easier if Pikachu was here.
Meowth: Yeah, we would deliver Pikachu to the boss and get some fast cash!
James: But we’ll make do with your bags instead!

James: So hand them over! This is a Team Rocket robbery!
Meowth: Yeah! Give us the grub and we’ll be on our way!
Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Ash: Like THAT’S going to happen.

Jesse: You intend to stop us? You have no Pokemon!

Serena: Leave us alone!

Jesse: I think you two have had plenty enough alone time. Go Pumpkaboo!

Jesse: Pumpkaboo, use Leech Seed!

Serena: Ahhhh!!

Ash: AGH!

Serena: Akkhhh! Ash!!

Ash: Urgh!

Ash: Uhg..Unnh…

Serena: Oh no!! ASH!!

Jesse: Looks like a twerp knock-out!
James: With style!
Meowth: How does it feel twerp?!

Jesse: For once that annoying Pikachu of yours can’t get in our way. HAHA! It’s time to put this twerp in his place. Pumpkaboo, use Shadow Ball!

Ash: Unnnnh..ughhh…

Serena: NO!!!

Pumpkaboo: Pu-Pu-Pu-

Pumpkaboo: PUUU-

Ash: SERENA!!!

Serena: Uhrrrr!!
Pumpkaboo: PU!

Serena: Mmfh…


Serena: Don’t worry A-Ash, I’m fine!

Ash: Team Rocket! I’m fed up with you!!

Serena: Yeah-mmf-show ‘em Ash!

Jesse: TWERPETTE! HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO MY PUMPKABOO! I’ll teach you why you should never cross me! Pumpkaboo, attack!

Serena: No! Please!!

Pumpkaboo: PU-PU-PU-PU-

Pumpkaboo: PUUUMM-

Serena: AAAAHHHH!!!!!




Ash: EIHAA!!!

Team Rocket: Eeeeeeee!!!

Jesse: AHH!
Meowth: MEOWTH! That was like getting hit by 30 Tauros!
James: OWW! More like 30 Giga Impacts!

Jesse: We overlooked something. They didn’t have Pokemon…but they did have each other.
James: No force is quite as powerful as love, oh yes.
Meowth: Now I know what it means to be love-struck.

Team Rocket: Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!

Serena: ASH!!

Serena: Ash! Are you hurt?
Ash: No, I’m fine. It’s you we should be worried about…you got hit pretty hard.

Serena: I think I’ll be okay. As a Rhyhorn racer, I’ve been thrown off my Rhyhorn countless times - this isn’t too much different.
Ash: Serena, are you sure?
Serena: Yeah. Thank you for protecting me…you’re so brave!

Ash: No, it was you who protected me. Here’s your hat.
Serena: Thanks Ash. Of course I couldn’t stand by and watch Team Rocket do that to you.

Serena: But I didn’t know you had so much power inside you! Ash, you truly are one of a kind!

Ash: Haha, well when I saw you get hurt I guess something triggered inside me. I couldn’t bear the sight of seeing you in pain.

Ash: Serena, I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you and get away with it. If you ever need help in the future, I will always be there for you.

Serena: As long as we’re both helping each other out, nothing can stop us. We make an excellent team!

Ash: Yeah you know Serena, you and I do…
Serena: Here, take my hand. Let’s continue our journey! Remember, never give up until the end!

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