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Animator Hints


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Animator Hints Empty Animator Hints

Post by RobSp1derp1g on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:47 pm

And so it came to pass that I decided to create a list of all the animator hints in the anime.



  • The gang is on a bridge, looking what can be compared to the river Senne. A couple with a Furret passes by.
  • Serena touches Ash's arm and brings her hand to her heart.


  • In Ash's plane ride, there's a couple on the same row as Ash, but near the camera. The guy says something and the girl smiles and brings her hand to her heart. Also everyone's in focus, but this couple is sorta blurred.
  • When Ash and Alexa are talking by the phone booth (NOT a TARDIS, should be noted), there's a couple in the background who seem to be saying their farewells.
  • As Ash travels around the city, there's a couple looking at a hidden Meowstic.
  • This is just something funny I saw, but Froakie is in the scene where Ash, Clemont and Bonnie get zapped by Pikachu.


  • Ash is running with Froakie, and there's a couple in the background with a Kirlia.
  • When Prof. Sycamore is talking about Mega Evolution, a different version of the Laverre City plays. Might relate to Amour down the line.
  • When Serena and Grace are watching the news, Serena is so feisty...
  • Clemont talk about his gadget invention gig with a finger under his nose, sign of nervousness. Repeated by Ash on XY059.
  • There's a girl filming the whole ordeal and posting the video to YouPokéTube.
  • Ash is shown on the news to be on the top of the Prism Tower. There is silence. Serena blinks. Once.
  • Ash reaches the very top of the Prism Tower. Serena brings her hand to her heart. Fanfic writers, please use this, it's just gold.
  • The ground Pikachu falls down from must have been REALLY damaged to collapse under such a light Pokémon.
  • Obvious shock from everyone when Ash dives in to catch Pikachu. Except maybe from the girl filming the whole thing.
  • Mega Burshamo saves the day! And prepare...
  • Serena calms down, after everything's over. That is, until... Ash is shown on-screen, and Serena doesn't blink. Not even once.
  • After giving Rhyhorn its breakfast, and resolutely standing up, the wind blows and pushes Serena's hair backwards...

I'm skipping to XY005.

  • When Ash challenged Viola, he could have given his backpack for Clemont to hold, but Serena wouldn't have a reason to meet Ash...
  • Serena has a little sweat drop of nervousness in her face when she approaches Ash.
  • As per usual, Serena has her hands on her heart in the first Gym battle and while Ash is training...
  • And she calls out for his name.


  • Serena asks Ash if he remembers her, and Pikachu and Fletchling leave, giving the two some room...
  • Alexa smiles at the two knowingly...


  • When asked what she will do from then on, Serena starts fidgeting nervously.
  • Ash scratches his face nervously, to which Serena brings her hand to her heart. I need to find a codeword for this... "Flagged". That's it.
  • Serena winks and accepts Ash's invitation. Ash is overjoyed with it.
  • The birds flying over Serena when she accepts Ash's invitation are a symbol of freedom. Mainly from Rhyhorn racing...
  • Serena runs off after explaining the path they have to take. In the background, there's a guy talking to a girl. The guy has his right hand on the back of his head, kinda nervously. I don't feel this is just background fillers.
  • When returning the handkerchief, Serena flags it. Remember what it means? "Holds it close to her heart."
  • Right after the opening, Bonnie is really interested in Serena's story...
    Cue LoveHer City BGM...
  • Another funny fact: Serena says that she washed the handkerchief so many times thinking about returning it that the colors have become blurred. And I don't know if that's the effect of encoding/decoding/reencoding, but the fact is some of the colors of the handkerchief are indeed blurred.
    After giving the handkerchief to Ash, Serena joins her two hands in front of her waist. What does this mean? I don't know...
  • She blushes at the mention of the "Girl in the Straw Hat".
  • Serena's hurt voice makes Bonnie laugh inside. Even Clemont looks at him, with a look that says "Dude, that's bad..." Even Pikachu knows better...
  • Cheek scratching from Serena.
  • Serena blushes at Ash's possible comment when showing her pink overall.
  • Ash screams Serena's name in worry when she falls of the Rhyhorn.
  • Serena is embarrassed that Ash tells her mom she taught him to ride Rhyhorn.


  • When talking to Jessica after Furfrou jumps on Bonnie, Ash and Serena seem to stand close to each other, although, when seen from another angle, such is not true.
  • Ash recognized the shop from seeing it in Serena's device.
  • In the shop, when the Furfrou show up, Ash and Serena are standing close to each other, despite not being so in the previous scene.
  • When TRio shows up in disguise, the camera focuses only on Ash, but Serena's head pops in.
  • I think that Clemont got further with Officer Jenny than Brock did in all of his travels...
  • Ash just performed some kind of crazy dance moves with a temporarily blind Pikachu, and again Serena is smiling and flagging. And after that, she's kinda pumped up with the battle. Can't really describe her position.


  • Ash's Froakie and Pikachu save Serena from Magneton's attack. Ash didn't issue a single command.
  • When Clemont is fixing Citroid, Serena stands close to Ash.


  • Ash unties Serena from TRio's hideout. Also something else that might just be my imagination working: Ash unties Serena and Clemont unties Bonnie. Nobody unties Sycamore. But Clemont and Bonnie are moving, and Sycamore talks. But Ash and Serena stay frozen, and Serena looks into Ash's eyes...


  • Just when I was about to say there's no hints in this episode, I see Ash holding Serena's hand for her to cross the river. But he mimics the motion he did on the Summer Camp, that's what triggered my vision...


Maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but I didn't see any hints here...


  • Ash is battling Premier (or Plumia, I don't know her name.) Serena gets upset and asks Clemont if there's a rule like that, winner gets a date. He says it's in the standards. I'm gonna look this up on Bulbapedia, and I'll come back to this.
  • Serena gets all jittery after Premier says if she wins the battle, she's keeping Ash.
  • Sylveon uses Attract on Froakie. Clemont and Bonnie look astonished, but Serena looks like she's scared.
  • After the battle, she has actual blush marks on her face.
  • After Premier's intentions are revealed, Serena flags.
  • Backpacks' positions (from left to right, according to the episode) Serena, Ash, Clemont.
  • Ash says: "Probably the Attract was a shock to him."
  • Team Rocket appears in their truck and Serena goes with Randy (the scared kid). And the Ash goes with him to TR's truck.
  • Ash falls of the truck (that was quite a fall), and Serena yells his name and goes to him.
  • Serena arrives at TR's hideout and yells Ash's name. Ash winks and punches the air in front of him.


  • When the granddaughter of the woman arrives and talks to the gang, a modified version of the Laverre City's theme plays. Obviously, a deceased woman has nothing to do with Amour, but then it hit me.
  • The Laverre City theme doesn't necessarily mean romance or Amourshipping. It means hope. The center piece of the song started playing whne the girl said she was going to make it a boarding house. It also played when Sycamore was explaining Mega Evolution to Ash and Clemont.


  • When Serena talks about her Macarons, Fennekin and Froakie are chatting happily with each other.
  • I'd hardly call it a hint of any kind, but Ash and Serena fix the tent after Chespin hits it.
  • Fun Fact: The newspaper the old man is reading mentions a Rhyhorn race (probably the one that took place in XY007) and is dated 2014/02/06, its Japanese premiere date.


  • At the beginning of the episode, during the narration, Serena is contently talking to Ash.
  • In the Pokémon Center, Ash, Serena and Clemont are talking. Ash has his back against the wall and is looking at Serena with a look in his eyes that I find hard to classify.
  • After Bonnie asks the woman in the Center to be Clemont's wife, Ash and Serena turn to each other and laugh.
  • When Bonnie is about to cry because of Pichu, Serena conforts her. After that Serena and Ash look at each other and smile contently. Serena even closes her eyes.
  • In the end, when everyone's sitting down having tea, Ash and Serena's bags are next to each other.


  • When Sanpei is revealed, Serena is holding Pikachu. I think Sanpei is a way for the Pokémon franchise to pay homage to Naruto. Amourshipping would be enough, I think.
  • Serena's sitting beside Ash. And her backpack is leaning on his.


  • Ear coverage chart: Lady -> Ash -> Serena -> Bonnie -> Clemont. And again, maybe this is overthinking, but I don't think that you cover someone's ear by brushing their hair with your fingers , Ash. You sly kid, you... He's clearly feeling her silky smooth hair.
  • Ash says they have to do something. While he says this, Serena has an startled (not the right word) look on her face, which changes to enthusiasm when he stops talking.
  • Serena winks at Ash when the girls hatch the plan involving Clemont. Not a flirty wink, but still.
  • After Clemont's stay at the princess' castle, his hair, got shinier... Anyone has a spare Ultra Ball?


  • In the observatory when Malamar hypnotizes Serena, she tries to embrace Ash.


  • When Ash and Tesla are about to battle, only Serena claps, along with 2 or 3 people in the background. Also she's the only one who cheers them on.
  • On the Ending screen (you know, the one with the sepia tone), Serena is clearly looking at Ash.


  • Serena gets a bit jealous when Ash says "Cute..." but relaxes after he ends with "Fennekin".
  • Serena just changed into her Fennekin costume. Bonnie cheered. Clemont cheered as well as having his glasses slide down from his face. Both Pikachu and Fletchling cheer as well. But Ash stays frozen with that blank look I know and love. I do love my "impossible thought" theory.
  • When Fennekin is reunited with Serena, Ash smiles contently.
  • Serena specifically asks for Ash's opinion.


  • Background hint: Two kids appear to be holding hands when the group arrives at the aquarium. In reality, the kids don't actually hold hands. Camera trick.
  • Another background hint: A boy and a girl are talking beside one of the cases. The girl has the same backpack as Serena, save for the color.
  • When looking at the Pokémon, Ash and Serena stand farther away from Clemont and Bonnie.
  • Ash teaches Serena how to fish.
  • After seeing the golden Magikarp, Ash and Serena look at each other and, somehow manage to high five each other, while holding their fishing rods.


  • When Alexa asks if Serena is traveling with Ash, she replies and looks at Ash, which looks back at her. Clemont also looks at Serena, but who cares about that...
  • Right after this, Dedenne, Pikachu and Helioptile play with each other. In the next shot, it is revealed that they are playing at Ash and Serena's feet, and they both look down smiling.
  • When entering the chamber where Aurorus is being kept, only Ash and Serena react to the cold temperature. Ash does so vocally.


  • The opening scene, when Serena laughs at Ash eating, is shown in the exact same angle as the one in XY006, when the group is eating in the Pokémon Center.
  • Serena playfully pushes Ash.
  • I'll be honest. You know the part where Serena is leaning against a tree and Ash waves at her? I never got that part.
  • In the episode itself, Ash and Serena select the same side on Clemont's machine.
  • Serena sees Luvdisc.
  • After the Dragalge fix the sunken ship, Ash and Serena blink back in the sub. They blink in sync. Perfect sync. They blink 6 times, always Ash first with Serena blinking right after Ash opens his eyes. Through many observation attempts, I concluded that Ash starts blinking on Frame 26,660 and Serena starts blinking 7 frames later. They keep their eyes open for 50 frames (about 3 seconds), and they repeat this cycle, until they both say "Yatta" a la Hiro Nakamura, and keep their eyes open for a little longer. I'd go a bit more in-depth about this, but I don't want to.
  • When saying farewell to the Skrelp, the camera focuses on Ash and Serena.
    NEW ENDING: DoriDori
  • Ash covers Serena with a blanket.


  • When Ash is climbing the Shalour Gym rock wall, Serena had her hand on her heart.
  • Found this interesting: after Ash chooses Froakie, the camera shifts to Clemont, Bonnie and Serena. But the camera is tilted in such a way that we never see Serena's eyes.
  • Serena clasps her hands in front of her chest, an action noticed by Bonnie.
  • When Grant commands the Rock Tomb, Serena says Ash's name out loud, as if he was the one in danger.
  • After Ash wins the match, but before being given the badge, there's something odd about Serena's position...
  • After Ash is given the badge, Serena puts her hand over her heart.

XY026 - Serena is challenged by Suspicious Child Miette!

  • Ash falls in love with Serena's Poufflés... It's as innocent as it sounds...
  • Serena gets upset when Ash accepts to eat some of Miette's Poufflés. Miette, who has ruby red eyes, to contrast with Serena's sapphire blue ones. Also, predicting Gen 3 remakes. HOENN CONFIRMED! (Sorry, old joke.)
  • ANIME LANGUAGE INFO: The poster headline Bonnie ponts to reads: "N??PENH KENNI"
  • Bonnie's running gag provided a plot point for an episode...
  • Serena is visibly upset at Miette when she approaches Ash talking about brides...
  • Ash reacts visibly to Serena being selected.
  • When Serena leaves to search for more berries, Ash shows concern, saying her name.
  • When Serena yells for help, Ash is the one who starts to run to help her, despite being Clemont who noticed her voice first.
  • Serena yells for Ash's name when he's being sucked by Team Rocket's machine.
  • Clemont say there will be a next time for Serena and Miette. There won't.
  • Miette tells Serena that if she doesn't tell Ash about her feelings, Miette will steal him.


  • When Clemont tries and fails to catch Flabébé, Ash and Serena look to each other in curiosity.


  • When Ash is looking at the poster of Diantha, Serena is looking at him in a very cute way...
  • When Serena brings the cake, and slaps Ash's hand, he doesn't fight back.
  • Ash hits his head and Serena screams out his name in shock.


  • I'm decoding Clemont's note.
  • When TR reveals that Clemont built the Pokémon Mobility System, Clemont's action looks like something out of "The Exorcist"...
  • Serena stops Ash from diving into the machine.


  • Ash starts running and Serena calls for him.


  • When the photo is about to be taken, Serena slides towards Ash. Afterwards, she stares at it and sighs contently.
  • Fun fact: Korrina and Clemont are the only ones smiling enough to show the teeth.
  • When the photographer says there's a stone for evolution on the mountains, and Korrina replies, Serena is standing completely behind Ash.
  • When entering the cave, both Bonnie and Serena put their hand on Ash's back to accompany him. Bonnie asks Pikachu to protect her.
  • Ash holds Korrina's bag from the bottom. Keep this in mind, I'll come back to this later.


  • Using Freeze Frame technology, I was able to see that when Ash and Korrina battle right after Lucario MegaEvolves, Serena has a hand on her heart. Seriously, it's like, everytime I look at her, she has a hand on her heart. If it was a bit to the left, I'd fear for her health...
  • When Serena speaks about the mountain where Korrina must go, Ash thanks her and she closes her eyes, in content.

No significant hints were noticed on this episode.


  • Serena complains about harvesting flowers and the whole group looks at her. But there's something different about it in Ash's eyes.


  • When Ash runs down the hill after Bonnie, Serena shouts his name in worry.

When Ash is having his Sky Battle, Serena has her hand in her heart. This time it's understandable...

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