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Welcome aboard the S.S. Amour! These forums are for anyone who wish to discuss AmourShipping (SatoSere) or any other ships and to chat with the community.



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Post by Virgo on Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:05 am

We're all friendly here, but there are rules you must accept and follow if you wish a nice and cozy stay.

1. Use proper language.
Don't swear or use any inappropriate words.

2. Don't spam
Don't post anything that has nothing to do with a thread, and don't post for the sake of posting when you have nothing to contribute.

3. Don't post multiple times in a row
Simply edit your previous post if you want to add something. (In special cases like posting another chapter of fanfic this rule DOES NOT apply).

4. Stay on topic
If you want talk about something about not related to the thread, go to the proper category, then use the search bar to look for already existing threads - if none are available, then you can make the topic yourself.

5. No offensive and inappropriate material
Such material will not be tolerated; porn, gore, or anything extreme/graphic in nature. This rule extends across all forums and applies to posts, signatures, messages - everything.

6. Don't troll or flame users.
You have right to express your opinion, but you cannot bash or try to offend anyone. This includes racial, religious, abusive, hateful, ethnic, sexually explicit, insulting comments or anything to purposely annoy users. Respect other people's shipping preferences; many of us are multishippers so if you insult another ship, you are most likely offending one of our members.

7. Don't "minimod".
This is a job for Admins or Mods. Tell them if you find something wrong.

8. No bashing or "trolling" someone through the use of Private and Visitor messages (PMs and VMs).
The use of VMing for bashing/trolling is self-explanatory. Everyone can check out other's profiles, with the possibility of seeing bashful or trolling messages, and Admins or Mods will immediately take action if this is detected. If PMing is the case, please report to one of our Admins or Mods and they will resolve the case.

Warnings and Bans:
A warning system is included in every user's profile. Every user will start off with 5 bars, a bar will be subtracted from a user's Warning Bar every time they get a warning. When a user receives 5 warnings, their Warning Bar will deplete to zero and the offense will result in a ban. A Warning will expire exactly 2 months after the date it was received. Contact a Moderator to have your Warnings expired.

Rules may be added/changed without notice.

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